Brief review what an internet business promoter is

We live in a challenging world. Today it’s hard to get a good job, and who gets it, is loaded with work, is afraid of losing his place, and still they don’t get enough salary. The situation was different a couple of years ago. People worked for one and the same job for almost all their lives and they were satisfied with their career and the benefits they got for their efforts. Nowadays we face to another reality. Time changes and the technologies become more and more improved. Now you can make money from home, sitting in an armchair, with no fear of losing your job, with no corporate stress.
To know how internet business promoting works, you should keep into your mind that it’s in some ways different from a “classical” marketing. The expanding world of internet gives us a great opportunity to create and own a web page or a blog. When you know the basics of internet it’s very easy to make money with the internet.
As mentioned above, there are different ways to make money online. One of them is the Affiliate Marketing. For the begginers, I’d like to define simply, what a affiliate marketing is: you decide to be an outside salesperson of a online market, such as:,, and etc, you promote their products and when someone buys them you get a commission from this online market. You do this through your blog or your web page and you don’t have a direct and live “person to person” relationship with the customers. Shortly, clicking your affiliate link, wich is situated on your web page or a blog, they jump to the online market. You add texts, pictures, videos to your website from time to time, renew it, so it becomes popular.
As a conclusion: the secret of a success is to have many ways to generate many income streams for you to grow on.