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The Foundations of SEO

Behind the abbreviation SEO (search engine optimization), stands the improving of your site’s performance in search engine results.
After the appearing of the biggest search engines SEO became commonplace. Nowadays SEO is one of the most profitable marketing way in the internet business, it brings high commercial income on investment and the popularity of a brand. The begginers should know what are the basics of SEO.
1. Be sure that your web-page is performing well in search engines. If your website contains broken links, hidden texts, it won’t be ranked to Google and it won’t be visible in search results.
2. The better is design and loading time of your slicker website, the better are it’s rankings.
3. Make sure that your website is keyword optimized. It helps your site to appear in the results for quoted keyphrase. It also helps your site to be visited by the readers while they are surfing on the internet visitors
4. The last foundation of SEO is conversion rate optimisation. A relatively new feature of search engine optimisation but a staple nonetheless, CRO amends the way in which readers consorts with your website and the ease with which acquires can be made. CRO also consists of multivariate testing; a process whereby different versions of website are made and tested to ascertain which provides better conversion from visits into sales.

Be An SEO Friendly Internet Business Promoter

While creating a website the main thing to be considered is to make it in the most attractive way to gain many visitors. That’s not enough. Creating attractive website is necessary but it’s also needful that your website to be reachable to your targeted readers. It’s important your website to be SEO friendly. Nowadays, in the millennium of internet, thousands of websites are visited every second and there is a chance that your website to be missed. To be prevented from this, it’s important to make your website SEO friendly. The pluses of an SEO friendly website consists of the followings : the researches show that most of traffic to the websites arrives from the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and etc., so, you have a great chance. Another way of getting traffic is back-link referrals and direct visitors. An SEO friendly website is the face of its’ company. There are several steps to make your site a SEO friendly one: HTML Validations : If there are errors on the website, there is a possibility that the visitors may make not right assumptions about your site. So, remember to check up that there are no HTML code errors in your web page. Make sure that you use proper HTML coding, links, keywords and etc. To be insured against those errors you can run the final code through HTML and CSS validators.
URL naming: The URL you choose should not contain any underscores or spaces. You may use hyphens to replace them. You also have to check up the characters in the URL, they must be limited between 60-80 characters.
Straight Navigation System: You have to make sure that the JavaScript to be called from an external file. If it is called internally the website needs more time to load and this is one of the factors that Google takes into the consideration for ranking. Not use of Frames and Flash: avoid the use not important and necessary frames and flash, because they  increase the load time of the websites. You should be very well aware about what search engines are looking for in a website and apply those requirements appropriately in your website.

Add Your Site in 140 Search engine

As you know, Google, yahoo and other big search engines than there are lots of other small, which often focused not looked , I've seen online and the help of which you will add an online search engine 140

• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Leading Hints For Your Internet Business

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a fateful and important point for all companies’ strategy, especially for marketing strategy. It enables small companies to compete with stronger firms and give them more advantages.
SEO is a complex thing, but the right use of it will give you chance to be a good internet business  promoter , provide advice and strategy that anyone can follow.
Hint #1: Exact Findings – While searching at SEO it’s crucial to pay attention to exact title and description tags. The exact title tag is the text which appears on the top blue bar of various internet browsers when surfing on the internet. There is a special programme called: content management system (CMS), if you’d like to change exact title tag. The exact title tag must be the only one for every page and must consist of keywords which relate to that specific page.
Hint #2: The exact description tag is that appears as the description in the search results. This will be not more than 165 characters and will consist of something compelling or a call to action. This will assure the searcher to click on your web-page when it appears while searching.
Here are a couple of tips which should be followed after the company decides which keywords they are going to use.

Internet Marketing: how will Internet Business Promoter work well ?

Time flies and internet marketing continuously changes and this trend will go on. Imagine, there was time, when internet marketing was unknown, unheard and  not popular, it was stoned and unused.
But it’s already past. What is the reality today? The life without internet is unimaginable nowadays. Internet is used not only by ordinary people, but with multinational or small business companies. Corporations uses internet marketing to make their service and products known and popular.Shortly, Internet Marketing is used as an Internet Business Promoter. Internet marketing made it easier to sell and promote the goods.
What should you take into consideration while being an entrepreneur? As you decide to become an Internet Business Promoter you turn out that it’s important your site to be known, in other words : the mass of people should know that your site exists. In this case, internet will do a good job for you.
The popularity of your website is your advantage. More hits you get on your site, more popular your site becomes. You may have an incredibly designed, well-designed web-page, best services and goods to offer to customers, if there is no one who knows about your site, you should think that it’s high time your business to be closed.
The best way to have a high traffic is PPC (pay per click) features and programs. The other way is to adopt a 3rd party promoter or to become an affiliate. In this way, you are binded to and advertiser website and you have to pay some money every time a person visits the site of an advertiser website.

There is one more way for promoting your site: posting  informative and necessary texts on your site. When someone searches some information the search engines will pop-up your web-page more easily. The search engines are looking the corresponding text, keywords and key phrases, so when your site is interesting and informative, you have more chances your page to be found by the internet surfers.
 So, as you guess, it’s not easy to have a successful internet marketing. It’s not only depended on the customers. My advise is : always keep your web-page on the top list.

Brief review what an internet business promoter is

We live in a challenging world. Today it’s hard to get a good job, and who gets it, is loaded with work, is afraid of losing his place, and still they don’t get enough salary. The situation was different a couple of years ago. People worked for one and the same job for almost all their lives and they were satisfied with their career and the benefits they got for their efforts. Nowadays we face to another reality. Time changes and the technologies become more and more improved. Now you can make money from home, sitting in an armchair, with no fear of losing your job, with no corporate stress.
To know how internet business promoting works, you should keep into your mind that it’s in some ways different from a “classical” marketing. The expanding world of internet gives us a great opportunity to create and own a web page or a blog. When you know the basics of internet it’s very easy to make money with the internet.
As mentioned above, there are different ways to make money online. One of them is the Affiliate Marketing. For the begginers, I’d like to define simply, what a affiliate marketing is: you decide to be an outside salesperson of a online market, such as:,, and etc, you promote their products and when someone buys them you get a commission from this online market. You do this through your blog or your web page and you don’t have a direct and live “person to person” relationship with the customers. Shortly, clicking your affiliate link, wich is situated on your web page or a blog, they jump to the online market. You add texts, pictures, videos to your website from time to time, renew it, so it becomes popular.
As a conclusion: the secret of a success is to have many ways to generate many income streams for you to grow on.